Lab Members

Dr. Christina L. Stallings, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Kelly Flentie, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Kelly is studying novel pathways involved in mycobacterial pathogenesis.

Ashley Garner

Graduate Student

Ashley is investigating the mechanism of CarD regulation of transcription.

Carly Herbert

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Carly is studying novel stress responders in mycobacteria.

Deborah Huang

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Deborah is studying novel stress responders in mycobacteria.


Jacqueline Kimmey

Graduate Student

Jacqueline is investigating host responses to mycobacterial infections.


Katherine Mann

Graduate Student

Katherine is studying ways that mycobacteria interact with each other and with the host.

Leslie Weiss

Research Technician

Leslie is investigating the functional domains of CarD and the role of RelA in mycobacterial stress responses.

Former Lab Members

Dell Elhomani, Research Associate

Phillip Harrison, Research Technician

Surabhi Kasera, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Simren Mehta, Research Associate

Vy Trinh, High School Research Assistant

David B. Yang, Undergraduate Research Assistant

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